New volume: President Nixon, 1973

Volume 550 Front

Today I released Volume 550, “President Nixon, 1973”! Check it out here:

Volume 550 – President Nixon, 1973

For the love of Christ please don’t ask me what I was smoking while writing THIS volume!!!

This one is primarily a series of whimsical tableaux, written with no particular theme, intent or purpose in mind except for assuaging an intently overactive imagination on an intensely boring day.

New volume: Big, Bright, Red

Volume 546 Front

Today I released Volume 546, “Big, Bright, Red”! Check it out here:

Volume 546 – Big, Bright, Red

This volume is a volume of two halves – the first half, a conventional volume as conventional as any I have done to date.

The second half – “Mistakes” on – comes from a far darker, depressed and solitary space. There were reasons for this, which I will not go into here; however it led to several deeper, more introspective works as a result.

Hope you enjoy.

New volume: Songs for Stephen

Volume 543 Front

Today I released Volume 543, “Songs for Stephen”! Check it out here:

Volume 543 – Songs for Stephen

June 2022 so far has proved a remarkably fallow period for my writing. It happens, it has happened before – and I had resigned myself to waiting this period out, before going on to churn out 14 works in little over an afternoon!

These 14 poems are a little warped and deformed, a result of their peculiar gestation. Rhythmically they are quite possibly unique among my works, each flowing one into the other in a “flow-of-consciousness” style.

As ways, a big thank you to my little brother for providing inspiration when I needed it most.

New volume: Pull Down Your Palace!

Volume 542 Front

Today I released Volume 542, “Pull Down Your Palace!”! Check it out here:

Volume 542 – Pull Down Your Palace!

Now that the veranda’s up, and the table and chairs are out, sitting outside and enjoying the rays of late spring over the past two days has inspired this new volume of works, mostly scribbled down on A4 in a return to last year’s primary method of working.

Several of the poems – “Incarcerated in Spain,” “Pull Down Your Palace!” – have roots in historical subjects I have been reading about/listening to lately. “You Think You’re Being Kind” is one of my particular faves this time around.

When only words will do