New volume: Tori Revisited – VOl. One: SCARLET’S WALK

Volume 458 Front

Today I released Volume 458, “Tori Revisited – Vol. One: Scarlet’s Walk”! Check it out here:

Volume 458 – Tori Revisited-Vol. One- Scarlet’s Walk

This particular volume has a bit of a back story – bear with me!

Those who have followed me since the near-beginning may recall that I released, back in 2014, two volumes entitled “James Does Tori,” reinterpreting much of the Tori Amos catalogue by writing poems based – either directly or indirectly – on her songs.

I am a massive Tori Amos fan, and recently have had the good fortune to secure myself a ticket for her tour next year (delayed due to COVID). I got to thinking about my earlier work, and had the idea to “revisit” this earlier concept with another deep delve into her archive…

…This, however, is not quite what has happened! Instead, I have written a whole volume on a particular album – in this case, “Scarlet’s Walk” (2002). There is a poem written for each of the 18 songs on that album, sequenced in the same track order, with the 4 “bees” included as a bonus.

(Some of the “Scarlet’s Walk” tracks already feature on “James Does Tori.” You might find it interesting to read these poems side-by-side with the “new” ones; you might even discover common points of reference that tie both together!)

This was an extremely fulfilling creative exercise, completed in a single day, and I intend to continue this series in the future, as and when the mood takes me. I am thinking of taking a look at “The Beekeeper” next… but please don’t hold me to that!!!

New volume: The Soviet Solution

Volume 457 Front

Today I released Volume 457, “The Soviet Solution”! Check it out here:

Volume 457 – The Soviet Solution

Once again, we have a game of two halves.

The first half was written this morning, in one long session sitting outside and hammering away at the laptop.  (Those keys were on FYAH!!!) These poems are some of the longest I have written lately.

The second batch of poems were written this evening, mostly scribbled out on A4 as the sun went down and the evening grew cool. Therefore, these are far shorter.

I have therefore divided the volume into two sections – “The Longs,” and “The Shorts.”

“If I Could Turn Back Time” found me in a reflective mood. We lost my brother 21 years ago this September… gone but never, ever forgotten.

New volume: Deep and Rich and Dark and Red

Volume 456 Front

Today I released Volume 456, “Deep and Rich and Dark and Red”! Check it out here:

Volume 456 – Deep and Rich and Dark and Red

One of those “grab-bag” volumes this time around, this one was assembled from ten works written over the past few days and saved individually to my laptop drive.

Situated as I am at a crossroads between (perpetual) furlough and – hopefully – returning to work, I feel that this volume represents my current state of mind in a way I could not hope to explain in any other way. Ambivalence central LOL

New volume: If You Could See Me Now (You’d Smile)

Volume 455 Front

Today I released Volume 455, “If You Could See Me Now (You’d Smile)”! Check it out here:

Volume 455 – If You Could See Me Now (You’d Smile)

Wow. Posting this volume this evening, I am reminded of the fact that this is the 100th volume I have put up during lockdown.

(Yep… I’m still at home. Work seems a very long time ago.)

Thank God I have had writing to fall back on during this turbulent period. I honestly do not know what I would have done if I had not had this brightening up my days!

Many thanks to everyone who has provided inspiration – you know who you are. Or perhaps you do not!!!

New volume: Little Plumes

Volume 454 Front

Today I released Volume 454, “Little Plumes”! Check it out here:

Volume 454 – Little Plumes

(Before you ask – no, I do not have any idea who the singing cowboy is on the cover!!!)

A quick volume today, assembled from two halves – poems scribbled down on A4, and poems typed directly to disk.  As is normally the case, those handwritten tend to be shorter, more concise; but I think these are the most inspired this time around.

My favourite work of the fourteen is – perhaps – “Joining Marilyn.” I found that among the most pleasurable (as well as the most thought-provoking) to write.

New volume: Finally Made It, London!!!

Volume 452 Front

Today I released Volume 452, “Finally Made It, London!!!”! Check it out here:

Volume 452 – Finally Made It, London!!!

Another assorted ‘pot-pourri’ of works, written before, during and after my trip to London this past weekend.

Once again, there is no overarching theme; just eleven more poems for you to read and enjoy.

This volume is dedicated to Valerie Leon: British actress, Carry On/007/Hammer Horror legend and overall classy lady.

New volume: Disappointed in Love, Disappointed in Mike

Volume 451 Front

Today I released Volume 451, “Disappointed in Love, Disappointed in Mike”! Check it out here:

Volume 451 – Disappointed in Love, Disappointed in Mike

Assembling this volume has been rather a leisurely affair, given that my aunt and cousin both came down for a long weekend and my mind is still fried from all of the talking!!! Poems have arrived in dribs and drabs, on an ‘as-and-when’ basis, till this volume was finally completed.

I hope you enjoy it.

This weekend I’m off – hopefully! – to London. Who knows what inspiration shall come from that trip? Watch this space!!!

New volume: Swagger Boy

Volume 450 Front

Today I released Volume 450, “Swagger Boy”! Check it out here:

Volume 450 – Swagger Boy

Another thirteen works scribbled down in my A4 refill pad, for your delight!!!

There is no overall theme to this volume, but certain poems have been inspired lyrically by Marvelettes songs I have recently discovered. I cannot imagine why – up till now – I have neglected this iconic group. Having compiled a singles “A-side” CD collection, this CD has been on rotation near-constantly.

“The One Taken by the Ocean” is, perhaps, my favourite work this time around. “One Cannot Waylay the Mail (Postman)” is another one I enjoyed writing a great deal.

New volume: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Volume 449 Front

Today I released Volume 449, “A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That”! Check it out here:

Volume 449 – A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Another volume of sixteen works, this one is a bit of a “grab-bag” of various styles and themes, written over the past three days.

Once again, there isn’t a great deal to be said about this volume. Inspiration-wise, I have been listening to a great deal of Texas and Martha and the Vandellas, once again; in addition, I have now begun to investigate the Marvelettes’ discography. Some fine gems in there!

When only words will do