New volume: The Silent Treatment

Volume 422 Front

Today I also released Volume 422, “The Silent Treatment”! Check it out here:

Volume 422 – The Silent Treatment

Well, I didn’t expect to be updating this page again so quickly!!! – the second volume in a single day.

The two poems “held over” from “Hearts Broken” – as mentioned last time – form the beginning of this volume. From there, I somehow managed to write another 17 works over the course of 12 hours!

“In the Cardinal Wolsey” is inspired, partly, by the “Are You Being Served?” episode “Cold Comfort.” At its heart, however, it is a deeper musing on retirement after a life’s dedicated work. “The Silent Treatment,” one of the two hold-overs, is a particular favourite this time around.

Musical inspiration on this particular day was provided by Kim Weston (again) and Jimmy Somerville (of Bronski Beat/Communards fame). Jimmy has always been one of my favourite male singers, and it was a pleasure to reconnect with his superb catalogue.

New volume: Hearts Broken

Volume 421 Front

Today I released Volume 421, “Hearts Broken”! Check it out here:

Volume 421 – Hearts Broken

This volume was a while in the making.

“Only Adam and Eve” was the sole work written for around a week. I had decided to put poetry on the back-burner for a while…  enjoy the sunshine and get a few other things done. Last night I finally found the inspiration to begin writing again, and – voila! – we have another 14 works for you to read.

I have remarked before on inspiration being a fickle mistress. After a prolonged “dry spell,” I now find myself embarrassed by riches, having another two works which I have decided to hold-over to the next volume I complete. The 14 works here seem stylistically to hold together – I didn’t want to compromise that by adding more in.

Till next time!!!

New volume: I Would Hum All Day

Volume 419 Front

Today I released Volume 419, “I Would Hum All Day”! Check it out here:

Volume 419 – I Would Hum All Day

Inspired by a sunny weekend and even lovelier Monday – 17 poems here presented here for you.

Various themes run in and out of this volume. “When Money Intervenes” was written in response to the currently unfolding furore generated by the announcement of the European football “Super League”. “Dumb” was written in a truly beautiful moment. “Aware” was written originally for another project which will now not see the light of day – but, with light adaption, it found its home here… Lots here that I am proud of.

Music-wise, I am still diggin’ Martha and the Vandellas, in particular their later singles (1968-1972). Definitely some great material in the latter years, that is worth anyone’s consideration.

New volume: You Might Catch Crabs

Volume 418 Front

Today I released Volume 418, “You Might Catch Crabs”! Check it out here:

Volume 418 – You Might Catch Crabs

Another volume written over a couple of evening sessions this week. For some reason, at the moment, I find I write better at night. Possibly this is because I have fewer distractions around me! I also draw inspiration from the dark… perhaps that is why so many of my poems go to dark places.

Anyway, here you have another 17 works to enjoy at your leisure.

Personal favourites include the first poem written, “I Can No Longer Hear You,” as well as “The Crusade,” “Plague in Thuringia” and – perhaps inevitably – “You Might Catch Crabs” (the poem that directly informed the title this time around. There really was no other viable contender for the honour!!!).

Much inspiration this time around came from a book on the Crusades I have just finished reading, called “Crusaders” by Dan Jones. A very interesting and informative read. I am a big history buff and – more than occasionally – this can inform my writing. If you get the time, I do recommend picking this book up.

New volume: Green

Volume 417 Front

Today I released Volume 417, “Green”! Check it out here:

Volume 417 – Green

After the struggles completing “A Good Year for the Roses,” this volume came together in a single day. Poem-for-poem I would say that this is the stronger effort, as well.

Many of the works contained herein have a connection with life, love… and death. Written in the aftermath of the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, I would say that the extensive media coverage – and subsequent research – has been the primary influence and inspiration this time around.

Sometimes one doesn’t really know what one has, until it is too late. This is something I – sadly – have personal knowledge of.

May I take this opportunity to pass on my condolences to Her Majesty the Queen, and the rest of the Royal Family at this very sad time.

New volume: A Good Year for the Roses

Volume 416 Front

Today I released Volume 416, “A Good Year for the Roses”! Check it out here:

Volume 416 – A Good Year for the Roses

This volume was a little bit of a struggle, I’ll admit… not really sure why. Written over a week and a half, this one has come together in fits and starts whenever inspiration struck me. Still, it’s not too shabby!

(Inspiration is a fickle mistress, for sure.)

Not much else to say this time around. Hopefully you’ll find something in here to enjoy!!!

New volume: Set Yourself on Fire

Volume 415 Front

Today I released Volume 415, “Set Yourself on Fire”! Check it out here:

Volume 415 – Set Yourself on Fire

Now THIS is a funny one. It is twenty to midnight, and I am dog tired. So why am I writing this, may you ask?

Writing for me tends to take various forms. Sometimes I write through inspiration, sometimes I write for something to do… (and that invariably provides the inspiration). At other times  – and this is one of those times – I write through COMPULSION.

Compulsion. Yes, it’s true.

This is the shortest volume of works I have written this year, but then it wasn’t planned in any way. Originally I had the silly idea of writing a couple of poems, to mark April Fools Day.  I hadn’t done this before, and it seemed like a cute idea. The actual poem, “April Fools,” was written to this end. I wrote another couple of poems, then set them aside. Stupid idea after all.

Until 9.30pm, when all of a sudden I was compelled to complete what I had begun!!! Hence you will find 14 poems here waiting for you. Even for me this is something of a record.

The original idea of giving it an April Fools-esque title fell by the wayside as I continued to write and another, better title came to mind. It happens!

Hope you enjoy. Now I’m off to bed!!!

New volume: Sympathy in Short Supply

Volume 414 Front

Today I released Volume 414, “Sympathy in Short Supply”! Check it out here:

Volume 414 – Sympathy in Short Supply

This volume came about with the first really sunny day of the year, and was written over two successive days. Here’s to one last volume in March!!!

A “grab-bag” volume of different ideas/concepts, I am pretty happy with how this has turned out.

“I Hear The Thunder (But See No Storm)” – one of the poems I wrote just this morning – was inspired by today’s weather, which is definitely NOT up to the standards of the day before!!! 

When only words will do