New volume: Leaves in the Wind

New block of modern apartments with balconies and blue sky in the background

Today I released Volume 489, “Leaves in the Wind”! Check it out here:

Volume 489 – Leaves in the Wind

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s three new volumes, here is another completed one.

This one has a distinctly “autumnal” feel to it, both literally and figuratively. Autumn is a time of silent decay; decay, and death, are sometimes necessary for renewal, rebirth… I toy with this concept in many of the poems presented.

Musical inspiration: I have kind of fallen off mentioning my current musical likes and obsessions recently. Tori Amos is back with an as-yet-unreleased LP, so I have been spinning the first two promotional singles, “Speaking With Trees” and “Spies,” a lot. “Spies” in particular is a fucking fantastic track!

New volume: More Halloween Poems

Volume 488 Front

Today I also released Volume 488, “More Halloween Poems”! Check it out here:

Volume 488 – More Halloween Poems

This volume is intended as a sequel to last year’s (not entirely successful) “Halloween Poems.” To be frank, although I was committed to the concept, the poems were not really there… This year’s collection of 18 poems hit the mark much better IMHO.

I hope you enjoy these works as much as I did, writing them!!!

New volume: The Book of Boredom

Volume 487 Front

Today I also release Volume 487, “The Book of Boredom”! Check it out here:

Volume 487 – The Book of Boredom

A pretty short (not sweet!!!) volume, this one was written wholly on an uneventful Saturday spent at work.

If nothing else, I appreciate the job I have for the ability to “people-watch” and observe the funny goings-on in-store.

“And Then It Rained” was a particular joy to write.

Big thank you to Bee for not tickling me – too much!!! – while pimping myself out on the store tannoy.

New volume: She Got Up with the Sunshine in the Morning


Volume 485 Front

Today I release Volume 485, “She Got Up with the Sunshine in the Morning”! Check it out here:

Volume 485 – She Got Up with the Sunshine in the Morning

A bit of a “rough-and-ready” volume today, this one was mostly written during a (very!) quiet Saturday at work.

Many of the poems are “first-draft,” and could in some cases have been bettered by revising a couple of times… but I decided to commit them “as-is” to the page, since they represent a stream of consciousness I did not wish to unduly interfere with.

The title poem – “She Got Up with the Sunshine in the Morning” – is especially fragile. In many ways I consider this one of the best things I have yet written: a remembrance of a beautiful thing, now lost.

May you take these poems in the spirit in which they are offered – spontaneous musings on life, love and everything in-between as it came to the attention of yours truly.

Special musical thanks to Joanne Shaw Taylor, whose “The Blues Album” is a particularly fine LP.

New volume: The Christening

Volume 484 Front

Today I release Volume 484, “The Christening”! Check it out here:

Volume 484 – The Christening

This volume had its origins at my great-nephew’s christening last weekend. It has slowly germinated over the past week, works being mostly written at work during quiet periods, with a few additional poems worked on in the evenings (I have been knackered this past week, having had to pick up extra shifts, so there hasn’t been as much ‘down time’ for writing as I would like).

As a consequence of this, most of the works are pretty short this time around. They are also an eclectic bunch! Hope you enjoy.

New volume: She Hadn’t Seen Him

Volume 482 Front

Today I released Volume 482, “She Hadn’t Seen Him”! Check it out here:

Volume 482 – She Hadn’t Seen Him

Normally volumes bust out like some overstimulated volcanic eruption upon the Earth… this one was more of a gentle simmer, with works written over the past week and gradually collected together.

If this volume has a particular theme, let it be one of human stupidity in all its various forms – as demonstrated by that never-ending quest for fuel in “The Battle of the Pumps.” Just when you think humanity couldn’t get any more ridiculous…

When only words will do